Edward Morgan Forster, 1879-1970



Edward Morgan Forster was born in London in 1879. He was a member of Bloomsbury group and friend of Virginia Woolf. After gaining fame as a novelist, Forster spent his 46 remaining years publishing mainly short stories and non-fiction. Of his five important novels four appeared before World War I. Forster's major concern was that individuals should "connect the prose with the passion" within themselves, and that one of the most exacting aspect of the novel is prophecy. Between the years 1912 and 1913 Forster travelled in India where he returned in 1921, working as a private secretary to the Maharajah of Dewas. This land was the scene of his masterwork A Passage to India (1924), an account of India under British rule. It was Forter's last novel and for the remaining 46 years of his life he devoted himself to other activities. Writing novels was not the most important element in his life. Interviewed by the B.B.C. on his eightieth birthday he said "I have not writen as much I'd like to. I write for two reasons: partly to make money and to win the respect of the people whom I respect. I had better add that I am quite sure I am not a great novelist".

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A story centered on an English country house and dealing with the clash between two families, one interested in art and literature, the other only in business. This novel brings together the themes of money, business and culture. "To trust people is a luxury in which only the wealthy can indulge; the poor cannot afford it" (from Howards End).

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