Answers Activity 137




The past few decades in Birmingham have proved that slum clearance...


A.     will usually take longer than expected.
B.     creates as many problems as it solves.
C.     often raises racial issues.
   always achieves its aims, if well planned.


According to the passage, now that the slum dwellings have gone...


A.     no one does anything at all in those areas.
B.     urban theatrical life has gone, too.
C.     rebuilding can start almost immediately.
   the area is extremely unattractive.


According to the author, a number of Birmingham City football fans...


A.     seem to be reluctant to continue supporting their team.
B.     are as rebellious as any other club's supporters.
C.     get necessary release from watching their team play.
   are concerned about the future of that part of Birmingham.


What did people think about tower blocks when they were first built?


A.     Town planners thought they were badly conceived.
B.     The public compared them with rural housing.
C.     The man in the street mistrusted them.
   People thought them an improvement on suburban housing.


 From the style in which it's written, this passage was almost certainly taken from...


A.     an official local planning report.
B.     a novel set in Birmingham.
C.     a history of the Industrial Revolution.
   a sociology textbook.

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