Answers Activity 26


  11.  The house was destroyed by the fire.

          The students began to read .

  12.  Both articles to an event now forgotten.

          In order to her eager public, the movie star checked in under a false name.

  13.  She makes no in the book to her profession.

          He had the that he was a genius.

          That girl is under the that she is a princess.

  14.  Whether it's good or not, let's do it .

          You are free to make use of this room in you please.

  15.  Tom had the painting by an expert before he bought it.

          He should be of our intentions.

  16.  She can neither moonlight nor darkness.

          It won't be long before the trees are .

          Your efforts will fruit someday.

  17.  I'd like to reserve a sleeping on this train.

          The baby weighed seven pounds at .

  18.  With you here me I'm not afraid of anything.

          the rain, we experienced heavy winds.

  19.  races here are held in the spring and again in the fall.

          Parsley and parsnip are species, similar to carrots.

  20.  We camped on the of the lake.

          Herbert is the only who is away on vacation now.

          Portugal and Canada only one other country.


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