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Use of English: Part 2/5
Open cloze.

ACTIVITY 149: Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each gap. Use only one word in each gap. Then check the correct answers.


Are there 1,000 books that all of us should read sometime in lives? Throughout this year, we will be recommending a collection of books that, when taken a whole, will form a library of 1,000 titles that will inspire and satisfy kind of reader imaginable.

Book lists appear from time to time, often arousing controversy being too elitist or too populist. But our list is the result of consultations with bookbuyers and booksellers, people know and love books.

Currently, there are well
a million books in print. Add these another 100,000 books published each year and the choice for readers becomes bewildering, certain books, both classics and contemporary works, stand out.

While our list doesn't identify classics
the traditional sense, many of the works included considered to be classic books. The list aims to make the reader aware of is available that is stimulating, rewarding and inspiring. else does one team about a good read other by enthusiastic recommendation?

This month we are highlighting fifty books from the area of business and reference. These fifty titles represent the perfect business and reference library for your needs,
personal or professional. Our selection will help you to expand and enhance understanding of today's fast-changing world of business.

Look out for next month's fifty choices,
will take you a step nearer completion of your 1,000-book library.


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