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Reading: Part 2/3
Three themed texts followed by two 4-option
multiple-choice questions on each text.

ACTIVITY 132: You are going to read one extract which is concerned in some way with dance. For questions 3-4, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text. Then check the correct answers.


On Tuesday I went to the opening night of choreographer Ella Winter's new dance show. The work was produced in collaboration with a linguist, a landscape designer, a heart surgeon and an architect. The score, by Antonio Prandini, samples Italian folk songs and their lyrics. There is a minimalist set white boxes incorporating a video installation. And there are Winter's eight dancers.

The dance involves mechanical-looking repeated-action sequences and a running montage of mimed laughs, whistles, hissing breaths, and twists of the feet. At times, the dancers enact the lyrics of the songs - there are brief fragments of duet
but long sections are difficult to understand or merely banal. Many hands, on this occasion, had not made light work.

At times, I found myself musing on Winter's collaborators. According to Winter, they had given her and her dancers different objectives, and each had brought a method of expression which had not been available to the dancers before. No doubt, but it's hard to view the result, as Winter claims, as something unique in the sphere of contemporary dance. I've been an admiring spectator of Winter as both dancer and choreographer for over 30 years now, but I felt subtly defeated by the show. For me, it seemed a private conversation with a like-minded few. You had to be wearing very strong contemporary-dance goggles to make anything of it.

Questions 3-4


What does the writer say about the show in the first paragraph?


A.    It is unclear which part each collaborator had contributed to.
  Too many people were involved in the project.
  The dance movements didn't match the music.
  The dancers had very different views on the roles they should play.


What was the writer's opinion of the show?


A.    It had appeal for a very specific audience.
  Each dancer had a unique form of expression.
  The choreographer's long experience was evident.
  It was very different from other forms of contemporary dance.


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