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Now listen again while you check the audio transcription. Then check the answers below.

INTERVIEWER: Is it true that eating chocolate can give you spots?
DOCTOR: Doctors believed that chocolate could give you acne right up until a few years ago, but more recent research has shown that this is in fact not the case. The only foods which seem to have a bad effect on the skin are some dairy products, for example skimmed milk, and also shellfish and soy sauce.
INTERVIEWER: Generations of parents have told their children to sit up straight – and to be honest it drives me mad to see children slouching in their chairs. But does it really do any damage?
DOCTOR: Well, the thing to realize is that sitting with your shoulders back and your back straight isn't actually a natural sitting position. That's why it's so hard to maintain and why children are so reluctant to do it. The latest research shows that sitting with a straight back can in fact cause lower-back pain. The best position for your back is one where you're reclining at an angle of 135 degrees, or to put it another way, more or less as if you were sitting in a sunlounger by the swimming pool. OK, you can't sit in a sunlounger all day, or at least most of us can't, but the important thing when you're working is to try to lean back slightly rather than sitting up straight.
INTERVIEWER: OK, last one. Are carrots good for eyesight? After all, you never see a rabbit wearing glasses!
DOCTOR: Very true! Well, this belief seems to have originated during World War II. British intelligence didn't want the enemy to know that they were using radar to detect enemy bombers so they spread the rumour that they were feeding their pilots carrots in order to improve their eyesight. The trouble is the campaign was so successful people still believe it even today! But in fact there is some truth in this because carrots do contain a high concentration of vitamin A, which is important for healthy eyesight, but an extra helping on your plate won't actually improve your vision.




According to the interview, which of these three common health beliefs are partly true?


A.  Eating chocolates gives you spots.
 Sitting up straight is good for your back.
 Carrots are good for your eyesight.


Until when did doctors believe that chocolate could cause acne?



What foods do cause skin problems?



Why is it difficult to sit with your back straight?



What is the best way to sit to avoid back problems?



When did the idea of carrots being good for your eyesight start, and who spread the rumour?



What do carrots contain which has health benefits?



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