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Use of English: Part 1/5
Multiple-choice cloze.

ACTIVITY 78: Read the text below, click on the gaps and decide which word best fits each gap. Then check the correct answers.

Although the earth was formed about 4,500 million years ago, human beings have it for less than half a million years. Within this time, population has increased hugely and people have had a vast upon the earth.

They have long been able to the forces of nature to use. Now, with modern technology, they have the power to alter the balance of life on earth.

Reports back from the first astronauts helped dispel the dangerous
that the world had no boundaries and had limitless resources. , ecologists have shown that all forms of life on earth are interconnected, so it that all human activity has an effect on the natural environment.

In recent years, people have been putting the environment under stress. As a result, certain
materials such as timber, water and minerals are beginning to short. Pollution and the of waste are already critical issues, and the of the environment is fast becoming the most pressing problem us all. The way we respond to the challenge will have a profound effect on the earth and its life support .

However, despite all these threats there are
signs. Over the past few decades, the growth in population has been more than matched by food production, indicating that we should be able to feed ourselves for some time yet.


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