Dear Sirs,

I have seen your advertisement for a job as a part-time museum guide and I would like to apply for it.

I am nineteen years old and now I  (STUDY) law at the National University. Last year I  (PASS) the Cambridge First Certificate in English, and I  (BE) to the United States several times recently. Consequently my English is quite fluent.

I (ALWAYS / HAVE) an interest in the history of our country. In high school I  (WIN) a prize for an essay about pre-Columbian cultures. During my research for this essay I  (SPEND) a lot of time in the Gold Museum and so I know the exhibits well.

Although I  (NEVER / WORK) as a tourist guide before, I am quick at learning new things. If you gave me this opportunity, I  (ENJOY) introducing our wonderful national treasures to foreign visitors.

I  (ENCLOSE) copies of my certificates and a reference from my university teacher. I hope you  (CONSIDER) my application and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Carlos Wilson
Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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