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The generation bridge


ACTIVITY 280: After reading this magazine article, you will have to do three activities. Firstly, quickly read it and choose the most appropriate title from the menu. Then check the correct answer and read the article carefully.


Kotoen in the Edogawa district of Tokyo is a home for the elderly, so you might expect it to be a gloomy place.


However, the people who live there are always bright and cheerful. The reason for this is the happy voices of the children who attend the Edogawa Nursery School located in the same building. The nursery school on the ground floor accommodates 80 pre-school children aged one and a half to five or six. Kotoen, on the first and second floors, is the home for about 100 senior citizens.


Although many of the elderly residents live in the home by choice, they still long for family life. Being in the same building allows them to visit the nursery school whenever they wish, while the children often go upstairs to play. In the morning, both old and young gather outside for exercises. Special times such as Christmas and sports days are always celebrated together.


"We find the children learn how to care for others by talking and being with their older co-residents," explained Maeda Takumi, the director of Kotoen. "As for the elderly, through their association with the children they become more alive and their health improves. Seeing these old people, many of whom we thought had forgotten how to laugh or even express their thoughts, holding the children and happily talking with them, brings home just how important an affectionate relationship between the very old and the very young can be."


The success of Kotoen has created a sensation in Japan and brought responses from all over the country. The declining number of children now being born each year has left unused space at many nursery schools. It has therefore been suggested that these surplus areas are utilised by the elderly. In this way, in spite of living in small nuclear households, children can experience the advantages of close contact with people of a much older generation.


ACTIVITY 281: Now, try to find the words which express the explanations below. Then check your answers.


depressingly dark in appearance (PARAGRAPH 1):


showing good spirits, optimistic (PARAGRAPH 2):


provides housing for, has room for (PARAGRAPH 2):


advanced in years, senior (PARAGRAPH 3):


collect in one place (PARAGRAPH 3):


be fond of, be attached to (PARAGRAPH 4:


becomes better (PARAGRAPH 4):


going down in quantity, falling (PARAGRAPH 5):


benefits resulting from some event or action


ACTIVITY 282: Finally, after reading the article again, choose the best answer (A, B, C, or D) for questions 1-to-3. Then check your answers.


What is unusual about Kotoen home for the elderly?


A.    Old people choose to go there.
B.    The residents look happy.
C.    The residents live in family groups.
  It is next door to a nursery school.


According to the home's director, the old people's health improves because they ...


A.    do a lot of exercise.
B.    are looked after by young people.
C.    have close contact with children.
  learn how to express themselves.


According to the text, children in Japan ...


A.    live in large families.
B.    go to school at one and a half.
C.    go to crowded nursery schools.
  celebrate Christmas.

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