Sue Clarke

Miko the monkey lives in the forest. He has a very big family.


He lives with his seven brothers and six sisters, his mum and dad, his grandmother and grandfather, and his three aunts and four uncles. What a big family!

But Miko is very unhappy. He is the smallest and youngest monkey in the family. His brothers and sisters laugh at him because he is so small. They swing around in the trees and Miko can’t go as fast. “Ha, ha, ha!” they laugh, as they leave Miko behind.

Miko is very, very small. His brothers and sisters eat all the food. They eat the bananas and fruits and nuts in the forest. When Miko arrives there is nothing. So he stays very, very small.

Sometimes the monkeys go to the village near the forest to find food. There is a big house near the forest with fruit trees in the garden. The monkeys run into the garden and steal the bananas to have fun! There are also big rambutan trees. Rambutans are red and hairy fruits. Monkeys love them. But Miko gets no bananas or rambutans.

One day there is a bad storm. It rains and rains and rains. Water fills the forest and the monkeys climb up the trees. Miko's family of monkeys must stay in the trees because the water becomes a river. The river goes faster and faster. The monkeys' small piece of forest becomes an island. There is water all around them.

It rains for six days. The monkeys stay in the trees and eat the fruit in the small forest. After six days there is no more food. After seven days Miko's family is very hungry. There is no food to eat. They must find some.

Miko's big brother Uko thinks he is very brave. He looks at the fast river. He looks at the trees. There is one place where he thinks he can jump the river.

Uko climbs up the big tree near the water. He swings in the tree. He swings towards the tree on the other side of the river. Then he jumps. He reaches for the big branch, but he is too big. He falls into the river.

"Oh, he is falling," cries his mother. But it is too late. The river takes Uko. All the family cries and cries.
"What can we do?" says Miko's father. "We have no food, we will die here."

Miko climbs slowly up the tree. He climbs to the big branch. He climbs to the treetops to the small branches. He looks down at the river. Then he jumps. He falls but reaches out for a small branch. He catches it. He jumps again. This time he jumps across to the tree on the other side.

"Look!" shout his brothers and sisters. "Look at Miko!"
They smile and clap as Miko climbs down the tree.

Miko looks around. He sees some banana trees and takes the bananas. He throws them across the water to his family. Then he finds more fruit and throws the fruit across to his family too. The monkeys eat - they are very hungry. Miko spends all day finding food. He is very tired. His family is very happy. Now they are not hungry.

The next day Miko finds more food for all the monkeys. The next day he does the same. After six more days the water goes down and the monkeys can cross from their island. Now all the monkeys can find their own food and when they look at Miko they smile.

"What a brave little monkey!" they say.

Suddenly they see another monkey. He walks slowly towards them. It is Uko! The family tell Uko about Miko.

"You are a very brave monkey." Says Uko to Miko.

Miko is very tired but very very happy. All the family know he is the bravest monkey… and they never leave him behind again.