A:  This is a beautiful hat. I WANT TO buy it. 

B:  Please, don't buy it !! We NEED TO save money.


A:  I love Chinese, and I WANT TO speak it fluently.

B:  Then you HAVE TO study very hard. It's a very difficult language.


A:  Do you WANT TO go dancing to the Riviera Club tonight? 

B:  I really WANT TO go, but I can't. I HAVE TO/NEED TO work late.


A:  I HAVE TO work this Saturday, so let's go to the beach now. 

B:  That sounds great. But we HAVE TO/NEED TO clean the house first.


A:  Do you WANT TO go to a party next Friday? 

B:  Thanks, but I don't LIKE TO go to parties at all !!


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