Los pronombres personales están en minúsculas
y los pronombres OBJETIVOS en MAYUSCULAS.


"Hi, Michael. This is Bob. My friend Alex is visiting ME, and we are going to see a movie tomorrow. Do you want to see IT with US? The movie is called Love in Buenos Aires, and it is a comedy. Please, call ME today, if possible. I hope you can come." 


"Hi, Bob. Thanks for the message. I'm sorry, but I can't go to the movie with YOU. Gisela is in town and I'm going to go out with HER. We have to talk to her parents, so we're going to have dinner with THEM.  Guess what !! I asked HER to marry ME, and she said YES. But say hello to Alex for ME. I remember HIM well. He's a lot of fun !!"


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