Day 12 - Puerto Limon (Costa Rica)



The original Spanish explorers, assuming the mountains of Costa Rica would reap fortunes in gold and silver, named the country "Rich Coast." Although those riches never materialized, Costa Rica forged ahead and is today the richest country in Central America.

On September 18, 1502 Christopher Columbus landed at “Cariari” which today is called Puerto Limon. Columbus believed that Costa Rica was filled with precious metals therefore giving it the name of Costa Rica meaning "rich coast". Before Columbus' arrival, the country was inhabited with the Huetares, Chorotega and Boruca Indians. There are still about 20,000 Indians that exist today in Costa Rica. In March 1948 Costa Rica found itself in a Civil War called the “War of National Liberation” determined to topple the government dominated by the Calderonista legislature. The civil war lasted 40 days and cost more than 2,000 lives. Puerto Limón is home to 170,000 people.



Cahuita National Park
The national park is located approximately 1 hour south of Limon in the town of Cahuita. There are several nature trails, which stretch over 4 miles. If you enjoy hiking, Cahuita is a great park to walk through and you might even spot some monkeys high in the treetops.

Rainforest Aerial Tramway
The aerial tram takes you on an exciting excursion through the rain forest allowing you to discover the beauty of the hanging gardens and the animals and birds hidden atop the tall trees. It offers an overwhelming diversity of plants, animals, and insects as the canopy is full of both known and unknown plants

Costa Flores Tropical Gardens
Located an hour outside of Limon, the tropical gardens offer a lush landscape of tropical flowers and claims to be the largest tropical flower farm in the world.  

Tortuguero Canals
You can board your boat for a 2 hour journey through the lakes and channels of this national park where you will have the opportunity to admire exceptional flora and fauna, along with birds, monkeys and toucans in their natural habitat. You'll see crocodiles, monkeys, sloths, caimans, and colorful exotic birds.

San José de Costa Rica
Your ride to the capital city of San José is both picturesque and diverse as you travel along the Caribbean. You will pass by banana plantations, before ascending down the mountains to the magnificent scenery of the Braulio Carrillo National Park. The Opera House is a century old cultural symbol and the pride and joy of all Costa Ricans. The National Museum of Pre-Columbian Art has an impressive collection.  


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