Day 13 - Puerto Montt (Chile)



One of the things people like most about Puerto Montt -an OM Personal favorite- is its location with an impressive view of the Reloncavi Bay. But it also offers fantastic neighboring areas and fresh sea food restaurants. 

Puerto Montt was founded in 1853 by Vicente Perez Rosales along with German immigrants who had come to colonize the Lake Llanquihue area. During this time, Puerto Montt served as a town providing support for the colonization effort. In the early 1900’s the town became the main port for the southern route of the national railroad. Today, Puerto Montt is the center of local fishing, textile and tourism industries. It is a bustling and thriving gateway to the lake and volcano district of Chile. Puerto Montt is a favorite holiday destination not only for Chileans and Argentineans but also for international visitors. Population is about 90,000.

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Angelmo Market (Fish Market)
Angelmo fish market is located just beyond the handicraft market. The cafes along the waterfront serve a variety of delicious seafood and soups.

The Handicraft Market
This charming fishing port has an excellent arts and crafts market offering special buys such as sweaters, blankets, jewelry, baskets, hand carved wooden figures and hand made boots. The market is a 5-minute walk from the pier.

Volcano Osorno
Osorno stands approximately 8,000 (2652 meters) feet above sea level and is covered with snow and ice year round. A visit to Lake Petrohue is the best way to enjoy the spectacular views of Osorno which is 1 hour outside of Puerto Montt.

Puerto Varas
Enjoy the spectacular view of Lake Llanquihue and the Osorno volcano from beautiful Puerto Varas. The lake port is known for its gleaming city and dazzling roses along the streets, which are in full bloom during the summer months. You will appreciate this small resort town for its northern European influences and inviting cafes. The preserved German architecture and colonial township of Frutillar enable visitors the opportunity to view some of the early German settlements of Chile. While touring the charming village stop by the well-presented open-air museum and view some of the household artifacts and farm machinery typical of this era. The village is about 30-45 minutes outside of Puerto Montt.

Petrohue Falls
Petrohue Falls, located at the foot of Volcano Osorno in the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, presents the visitor with a pleasant diversion on the way to and from Lake Todos Los Santos. The falls themselves are a short walk from the roadside along a well-marked path, which is also equipped with railings. The ancient eruptions of Volcano Osorno formed the hard volcanic rocks that make up the many gushing cascades. While the falls themselves are not of significant height many walkways traverse the river, offering an exceptional photo opportunity of the gushing torrents, complete with the ever-present Volcano Osorno in the background.


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